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Why Buy a Kit?

Our customers love kits! These all-in-one packages are perfect for beginners and fiber arts veterans alike. Whether you’re looking for a new project or simply a one-stop solution for a pattern you’ve found yourself, a kit makes it easy to get started.
With each customized package, you’re guaranteed:

  • Exactly what you need: no more extra materials lying around or frustrating trips back to the store. Kits provide precise measurements of all the materials you need to complete a pattern.
  • Overall Savings: You’ll only pay for the materials you need so you won’t have to lighten your wallet buying extra yards of material you don’t need.
  • Tried and True Patterns: Castle Creek Fiber Studio kits have been tested to make sure that the patterns are flawless.

Have a Pattern? Ask Us About a Custom Kit!

We don’t limit you to our own selection. If you have a pattern that you want kitted, reach out to us! Whether you’re a local customer or an online shopper, we’ll be happy to kit up everything you need.

Simply provide us with the pattern, complete with a list of materials you need, how much you need, and any personal preferences or specifications. We’ll put together a quote and a kit that fits your needs.